Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Let us not forget why we sing... give... love...hug...kiss...
Because of a little baby God -King named Emanuel.

On a night so long ago

By the light of one bright star

Two weary travelers far from galilee

Took refuge in a stable

Where a little child was born

To bring the gift of love to you and me

When the angels told the shepherds of his birth

There came a great rejoicing on the earth


And they sang glory to God in the highest

Dawning that first christmas morn

Peace on earth and ridings of great joy

For unto you this night a child is born

And, lo, these many years since then

That ancient star still guides us

And now again our christmas voices ring

Blessed we are and safe at home

With loved ones her beside us

And in the still and silent night we sing

How the angels told the shepherds of his birth

And there came a great rejoicing on the earth

Monday, December 19, 2005

Windows Sucks (read article)

Once again remind me why I use a Macintosh.

You would think the worlds richest man could build a good browser. Well.... Even a decent Operating System would be nice.....Now WHEN is Longhorn coming out???? 2025??? lol

Get Firefox!!!!

(Added for Clarity)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Honey!!! I'm Home

I am home for Christmas (not the holidays or xmas) oops did I just rant????

Just chillin and catching up on surfing (not the California kind of surfing). Just trying to get in the mood. Kind of hard when you do what I do. New Orleans does not look like Christmas nor feel like it. Kind of hard to decorate a ghost town!!! The people that ARE there are gutting their houses not decorating them!!

Well I have to go watch my son taste peas for the first time. uggh!!! lol got to get his greens lol

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Great Little Thought Provoking Read!!

This guy (Dan) has a lot of truth in this post. I agree with him! We are scared of any opportunity that does not come in a pretty package and say "Gospel" on it or "use me for the Kingdom" We are kind of sad as a people and get caught up in some opportunity that will not work. What works is what has always worked.... nothing has changed. What has always worked is what I call a "Relational example" Think!!!