Saturday, August 27, 2005

Some Details About WU!!!

Joe had a comment on my previous post on Worship Underground and he asked some good questions. Here is his quote...

Sounds great! What goes on in Worship Underground?

Do you sing praises to God? Do you give testimonies? Do you encourage giving an offering to God as an act of worship? Do you tell them about Jesus? Do people have an opportunity to sing solos, or in groups? Are there any who play instruments? Do they get a chance to share prayer needs?

Do you send missionaries out to other countries to tell them about Jesus and to meet their physical needs as well?

Do guest speakers come and share spiritual truth with them?

Who is welcome in the Worship Underground? Are there people of all ages there? Are there people of different races?

If an attender of Worship Underground has a life-need, how do you try to meet that need?

Does the Holy Spirit lead you to plan your meetings in advance?

It sounds like a grand idea. I would really like to know some particulars. We might try it here.

Is there a manual we could follow?

10:12 AM

Good questions.. The answer is not that easy. There is not one set way to do it but we have had some unspoken guidelines. Keep it simple. The format we have used in the past. Someone will open with prayer and maybe read a passage of scripture or a short word just for focus. Then with an acoustic guitar or accapella we will just sing as a body of believers. It has not really been a time of ministry like us praying for each other or anything but God has shown up and ministered to us. Worship underground is not a church, nor does it exist to form one, or minister to one another or the needs of the community(although this may happen). I know this sounds selfish, but that's what the church is for. The church does a good job of this already, Worship Underground is for God. We gather so many times and we focus on the lost or the sick or the preacher giving us some type of instruction from the word. Worship Underground is a time that people forget about their problems and the cares of this world and just worship and commune with their father. All ages have shown but unfortunately the older generation has been very sparse I think the oldest has been late forties. All races has always been welcomed, the very first one we had we was multi was beautiful.
Yes we normally plan them in advance so people can make time, but the first few I was involved kind of happened out of just beginning to praise and the next thing we knew God showed and we just found ourselves in his presence. It was the search for that atmosphere that sparked my desire back when I lived in Augusta, GA.

A Manuel sounds like a great ideal. It would take some time though. Maybe it is time. Thanks Joe

Friday, August 26, 2005

Do feelings matter?

I think they do! I know we walk by faith, but my feelings must matter if Jesus spent so much time telling me how to control them.

Just a thought. I hear so many people say what you feel is not important, or does not matter. That is easy for a person who is not very emotional...But I am!!! So what do I do? I must learn what Jesus would do with my emotions if he had them. Control some try to erase others and stir up some others. WOW!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Origin of "Underground"

Joe asked me to explain the underground thing and I think that is a great ideal. Well about 4 years ago God gave me an ideal to have a organic grass roots kind of worship time in a "non churchee" way. My first ideal was to do it on a fri night at the church I was the worship leader at then. I talked to my pastor about it and he loved it.... But, he did not really get what I meant, he was not on the level I was. I do not say level because my level was higher or better but just a different level.
He wanted to have it but he wanted to call it "Friday night Fire" well I managed to hold down my vomit and get out of not doing it at all. That was my Joseph moment and basically he did not understand my dream. Well anyway I then knew I needed a that was worthy of my ideal (or God's ideal).

I thought about it and my reflection brought me to a time when I was a pastor of the uths! I had an incredible "lock in" it was where I took all there Bibles and got the police to come and tell them that there had been a change of law from the state of GA stating that there was to be no more church. It worked!! These kids hit their knees. I told them we may have to go back to the days of the early Christians. This was where I got the ideal Underground. The first worshipers (when the church grew very fast and was the most healthy) had to worship in what was called catacombs. These were underground Roman tombs. This was not something that was showey, or looked anything like the polished performances that we have today called "church". This was very organic and real.. grassroots. This is one of the things responsible for the gospel spreading so fast. When I was looking for a name for my "event of a different color", I felt like God lead me to this name "Worship Underground". It was not until I got to Yakima WA that I was able to implement that event and that name.

This is where Worship Underground came from and I hope it continues to grow not because I started it, but because "HE" started it long ago and for what it really is... worship at the spring... the source... where we drink from. Just plain worship. Pastor Kris

Friday, August 19, 2005

Worship Underground

I am so proud and excited at the same time. Yakima worship underground is still going on, they had their first house meeting tonight. This is something we started over a year ago. I'm gone... and they still are going strong. This is a wonderful thing. This shows it was bigger than me. I am thinking and planning to start a Bremen cell of Worship Underground. God gave me the ideal about 3 1/2 years ago and I am pumped to see it happening. Who knows what God's plan is. West coast East coast!!!! Worship underground coming to a city near you. God is so awesome.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Boss

My new job is very fast!!! We serve fast food, the good for you kind. Clean friendly fast courteous are just a few adjective to describe us. My boss is a great Christian and a great leader. He is a great businessman, with influence in the city and his church. He is an elder at his church, he and I had a great conversation today and I want to have him as a mentor (he does not know it yet!!). He took a store (his second one in 18 years) from 276th in the state to number 4 in the state in sales. That only happens with great leadership and a blessing from God. He is a member of the Christian businessmen association and gives back tons to the community. I am pursing Chick-fil-A as a career, I have prayed about it and I feel God is giving me a way and putting people in my life so I can make a difference for the kingdom of God.

This will not set right with a lot of religious people (yes I am talking to you...pharicee(sp?), is that your face turning red?) I think one of the best ways to impact people that are not a Christian is.... yes that right you guessed it....spend time with them!!! What do we have for them Charlie!!!! Please excuse my sarcasm but I have been around long enough to know when you do something different you will not be understood by people. I have dreams... big ones, and Chick-Fil- A is one of them.. and will help me to achieve the rest of them.

This is my tent making job right now and may be for a while to come (I hope). Pray for me, I want to be the best at my job right now it is learning to make all the food. Next it will be dealing with the people, and then all the business and then the process of going through the necessary interviews to OWN MY OWN RESTAURANT. My boss is one of the best in the country (currently number 15) and he and I have found a great common ground....People. You see... Having a good restaurant is not so much about hot fresh food served fast and just the way they ordered it for a great it is about people!!!! And I love people.

Well I have taken up enough of your time. What are you doing tomorrow? When the day is done are you going to feel like you did something worth while? I hope you do. When you look at things like that, it will change the way you make a chicken sandwich. Kris

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Lots of changes lately. FYI.... I will not be checking my krisbarger@charterinternet email account anymore. Please pass this along. I will from now on use only my .mac email account. Later... real busy here in GA. I'm off to get some breakfast change my phone number and some other stuff.

Had a great day at Chick-Fil-A yesterday.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Had to prostitute this it is great LOL

Read the WHOLE thing don't skip the disclaimer at the end. Let me know what you think too. Dan Kimball is awesome.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I now have my web access

Give me a day or two to get some travel pics up and stuff got a lot of kool things going on so ill post soon it is almost midnight here in EST so im turning in. later.....

Friday, August 05, 2005

There's No Place Like Home

We arrived last night at 1:00AM EST. Pictures of some trip stuff to come. Kris

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


That was my code to the church security system. I will miss that place I already do. There was a old song by a group called Degarmo & Key I can't remember the title but here are the words...

Seasons change days go by
People come and people go
Though our paths lead us apart
They will meet one day I know
For I owe you so much dear friend
For all those treasured times
For you've made me a richer man
Having had you in my life...

I sang this at my high school graduation.

I sing it now in my head while I drive. I hold back the tears (cuz im in the breakfast foyer at the Ameri-Suites) while I type this. I can't express the love that I have. Gary,Eva,Rob,Chris,Selena,Lynn,Matt,Eric&Gina,Dole&Christie,all my baristas at Starbux,and everyone else that helped us and prayed for us and labored with us......I LOVE YOU!!!!

I only wish I could have done more or better. Because time spent for God is not time wasted, even at the most simple of task or the tedious of ventures. Lynde and Josiah say hi. God bless you and yours.

We are in Boise this morn. I will post pictures of why we only got that far in another post. Brake problems 15 miles out of Yakima...tire on know normal cross country stuff. We started out 5 hours behind.

Love, Kris