Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The humility of Jesus birth

I have a few minutes before I have to be somewhere so I wanted to write down what I have been thinking about today. Lynde is pregnant now, and I am reminded of my 3rd bundle of joy well on its way to my heart very soon. I can't help but relate to Mary and Joseph and the arrival of their precious bundle of "world saving, faith perfecting" joy! But what I can't relate to no matter how hard I try is laying Lynde down in a stall in a barn and saying "ok babe this is all we have, let's get ready to push!". My wife is a trooper, and I'm sure she would do it if she had to (Cause she is that much of a boss!). However, the humility of this situation is overwhelming and consuming me today. Jesus came into this world like a homeless man and left the same way. The way he lived was the way a true king should live...In humility. The poverty of this birth is also on my mind, but the funny thing is how folks brought him gifts... rare ones worth lots! The quietness is also striking! He slipped in, and the only one to notice was the Devil, his arch nemesis, and he evaded the evil insecure king very easily, because all of heaven was on his side! I love the story of this TRUE event that split time. Christmas will be here before we know it and it will just sadly fly by. Stars and light in the heavens still show the event when studied from a scientific view. I sit and think in wonder how God chose such a dependent helpless child as a blood sacrifice to redeem all of mankind. He came into this world with a flow of blood and water and left with blood and water that flowed from his body to complete what was required by the law established by his Father. I can't wrap my mind around it fully, I can only hope that my Heavenly Father appreciates the effort. Jesus, I just want to say thanks for coming like you did. I just hope I can learn from your perfectly humble example! Merry Christmas Jesus

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Moral Breakdown

We have lots of problems here in America. Of all the problems we have, none of them are worse than the breakdown of our moral backbone. I think this branches out from 2 main failures. 1.The church has failed to change people for the good on a large enough scale. it has become something you are a part of instead of the church becoming a part of us. 2. The family has eroded away to a shell of what it should be. Mad's are weak and mothers are too busy trying to be everything except Godly wives and mothers. We are broken, but there must be a way to reverse this trend towards total meltdown. There is a solution. It is the word of God, commonly referred to as the Bible. So complete is methods that it could restore America back to greatness in just one generation. It would fix the lack care, integrity, and work ethic, and general morality would be restored by applying the principles found in this most Holy book. God help us, Send us a King Josiah