Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want to be like Him!

I remember almost every morning waking up to the sound of my parents calling on the name of God. I don't mean loud is Godly, but I do know they were not praying to be heard! They were calling on the name of God to help them and protect me. They wanted me and my brother to serve God, but they also knew that the choice had to be made by me and my brother.

I have made my choice. I choose to serve God with all my heart. I love him and look for ways to serve him better. I need his wisdom and guidance and really need his blessing. I claim the favor that I once had. Used to be, everything I touched turned to Gold. The last few years have been a huge struggle.

The greatest gift God has given me on earth besides the gift of his son is my wife! She has always stood by me and I can't describe how lucky I feel having a woman like that by my side. My children are a gift from God and I treasure them. I want them to see me as a stable Godly man that is like a rock! I pray for God to give them favor, and they don't need anything else besides that!

God's boy