Thursday, December 21, 2006

I miss Christmas

I am at my coffee shop in Douglessville, GA. Waiting while Lynde has fun looking at lots of things, of which she will buy only a few of.

I miss Christmas.........
Now it is all about a season or holiday or santa or gifts or other crap that sucks. What's wrong with saying or spelling Christmas. Don't get me wrong I am not here to beat a dead horse. I don't care what we call it or how we spell it. We just need more of JESUS injected into everything. Go to wal-mart and try to buy wrapping paper with the nativity on it instead of santa, snowmen, snowflakes, bells, or a tree or anything else they could print besides a print of "love incarnate". Somebody has to stick up for the baby. I love Jesus and what he means to us. I would love to hear more Luke chapter 2 and less of twas the night before christmas. Just my extreme view again.

It has been since oct since my las post but I'd figure I would come back strong for at least one post.