Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hard to deal.....

First, for now I am no longer at Chick-Fil-A. Long story but, I am going to Mississippi to help a friend of mine in a roofing company. So I may be out of web service for a while again. (At least through the week) It is only 6 hours away so I will be driving it home on the weekends.

I started a group called The Brew. It is a invitation group at dotmac. Very kool. Hopefully some good conversations will arise.

My son has made me cry all morning long. He and me are going to be so close. He don't say much yet, but I can't wait to tell him how much me and Jesus love him. What a man he is going to be. He is so cute. No wait perfect. If there was a store you could to and design a baby, I wouldn't change anything he is EXACTLY what I wanted in a kid.

Jesus give my little Josiah a heart for you and your people. Help him to mature and be a much better man than his daddy. God bless him with the musicale ability that I only dream of. Pour out your spirit on him. Amen

Friday, September 09, 2005

Nothing New...

Awesome post by Dan Kimball. I read his blog every time he post. He always has something great to write. For all those emerging ones... Check it out.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lenox Mall Apple Store

I am here waqiting for the mac genius!! He will help me I know. Well I've got to go. I am a poet and don't know don't. Well actually I show it!!!! bye

I'm Off Today, So I post....Often

Check out the Nano!!!! I'm going to the Apple Store today.
I work Saturday so I can stay home today. Well, anyway I have to go. I am excited about the new Apple stuff. iTunes 5.0 was released yesterday so go get it. Got to run!!!!

My Hometown

This link will take you to my hometown radio station. I am so proud of WSGS in Hazard, KY. If only everyone did their part things would be different. The Nitline link (with Ted what's his name) on the top of the WSGS webpage will open up a Shindows Media Player (not proud of lol) pop up and play the interview. Let me know what you think of my LITTLE hometown.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Your Opinions

Due to the the increase of spamers in my comments and am thinking about adding word verification, what do you think? This would add a step for you when you leave me comments. I don't like this anymore than you do, but im tired of comment spam. Let me know good or bad for or against.


Anyone did it? I mean made a feed that I can subscribe to. I am getting ready to do it and I want to do it right but it still be easy. I know there are sometimes ways to do things and it be kind of rinke-dink lol. I want a nice feed done, for any podcatcher and itunes too. I have some stuff I have read that have made it pretty clear but if anyone one has any experience please pass it on help me avoid the pitfalls of being a first timer!!! Thanks

Friday, September 02, 2005

Here they Come...Pic Post

I miss coffee and people.

I have a new picture album of Josiah.

I also may be starting to help a church start podcasting very soon. They want me to come on and help them part time with tech stuff and audio/video stuff very kool huh?

I visited a friend of mine and his youth group wed night. Went very well I felt like I got to encourge him and maybe help him some. He his going to be a very good influnce on me also. God is awesome when he put to people together (not to sound gay) to sharpen each other. {note to self, and you too} It's about relationships dum dum. Not about stuff...people are what matter. I dont know who is reading this,but go and build someone up today. Kris