Friday, September 02, 2005

Here they Come...Pic Post

I miss coffee and people.

I have a new picture album of Josiah.

I also may be starting to help a church start podcasting very soon. They want me to come on and help them part time with tech stuff and audio/video stuff very kool huh?

I visited a friend of mine and his youth group wed night. Went very well I felt like I got to encourge him and maybe help him some. He his going to be a very good influnce on me also. God is awesome when he put to people together (not to sound gay) to sharpen each other. {note to self, and you too} It's about relationships dum dum. Not about stuff...people are what matter. I dont know who is reading this,but go and build someone up today. Kris


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canobbs said...

I'm reading it bro! That's what it's all about!

Eva said...

Will do.