Saturday, August 26, 2006

Constant Change

So... we are moving again. But this time our stuff stays here in Bremen. We will be off chasing the wild buffalo. Call us nomads, they will.

God is so funny , this is the hardest time of my life when it comes to having to trust God for everything, but it is also the most peaceful. I don't have all the drama associated with the ministry, just me my wife and kid living life and loving each other.

On a crazy note I have two ipods for sale [one Generation 1 (5Gig) and one Generation 3 (40 Gig)] and a Mac Powerbook also so if ya need details let me know!

I also have my motorcycle for sale and my Chevy Avalanche. LOL


Eva said...

What? No details? Where you going? Whatcha doing?

Travis Johnson said...

yea, where are you moving? FYI-I linked to you at