Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friend Day @ New Life Community Church

During worship today the question occured to me.... "what really matters to me".

Things in this life that really matter to me. After about 5 min. Worth of thought.

1. Truth
2. Sincerity
3. Wife
4. Josiah and Hannah
5. Honesty
6. Being able to connect with God

I may add more to these later.

Moved by God's presence,

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J said...

Hi, my name's Juan. I noticed that you have "emerging church listed as one of your interests. I'm not sure if you blog much anymore or if you would be interested in breaking down the emerging church for me but if you do, please drop me a comment and we can exchange e-mails or something. Take care, bro!

Kris Barger said...

J, would love to talk. Drop me an email. Where are you?