Saturday, December 01, 2012

Moral Breakdown

We have lots of problems here in America. Of all the problems we have, none of them are worse than the breakdown of our moral backbone. I think this branches out from 2 main failures. 1.The church has failed to change people for the good on a large enough scale. it has become something you are a part of instead of the church becoming a part of us. 2. The family has eroded away to a shell of what it should be. Mad's are weak and mothers are too busy trying to be everything except Godly wives and mothers. We are broken, but there must be a way to reverse this trend towards total meltdown. There is a solution. It is the word of God, commonly referred to as the Bible. So complete is methods that it could restore America back to greatness in just one generation. It would fix the lack care, integrity, and work ethic, and general morality would be restored by applying the principles found in this most Holy book. God help us, Send us a King Josiah


Bob Hall said...

Saw this a few months ago. Thought the governor nailed it.

I agree with you that the problem rests with the church. We ARE straying too far from God's Word. But worse than that, some churches are opting to pick and choose which of God's characteristics they like best and are simply throwing out those they don't. In doing so, they are creating their own customized version of God. And that breaks the first commandment. God is God, we're not.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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