Monday, July 04, 2005

Ok On A Lighter note... LOL

This is cane syrup. Good Stuff!
As some of you know I was a Youth and a Music pastor down in South GA for a little while and one thing that people always talked about was cane syrup. It is not molasses and not some weird honey. This is made from corn, not sugar cane. Different it is, but bad it is not! I do find the label quite funny though. I love the south, it's different from anywhere else in the world. Well, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Kris


Anonymous said...

Gotta get me some, gotta get me some

cane syrup

steve said...

Bore a hole? Fill with syrup? Oh I like this one!

CaS said...

Gotttta love da South!!

Joe said...

Lived in Georgia. Did this. Gooood!