Saturday, August 27, 2005

Some Details About WU!!!

Joe had a comment on my previous post on Worship Underground and he asked some good questions. Here is his quote...

Sounds great! What goes on in Worship Underground?

Do you sing praises to God? Do you give testimonies? Do you encourage giving an offering to God as an act of worship? Do you tell them about Jesus? Do people have an opportunity to sing solos, or in groups? Are there any who play instruments? Do they get a chance to share prayer needs?

Do you send missionaries out to other countries to tell them about Jesus and to meet their physical needs as well?

Do guest speakers come and share spiritual truth with them?

Who is welcome in the Worship Underground? Are there people of all ages there? Are there people of different races?

If an attender of Worship Underground has a life-need, how do you try to meet that need?

Does the Holy Spirit lead you to plan your meetings in advance?

It sounds like a grand idea. I would really like to know some particulars. We might try it here.

Is there a manual we could follow?

10:12 AM

Good questions.. The answer is not that easy. There is not one set way to do it but we have had some unspoken guidelines. Keep it simple. The format we have used in the past. Someone will open with prayer and maybe read a passage of scripture or a short word just for focus. Then with an acoustic guitar or accapella we will just sing as a body of believers. It has not really been a time of ministry like us praying for each other or anything but God has shown up and ministered to us. Worship underground is not a church, nor does it exist to form one, or minister to one another or the needs of the community(although this may happen). I know this sounds selfish, but that's what the church is for. The church does a good job of this already, Worship Underground is for God. We gather so many times and we focus on the lost or the sick or the preacher giving us some type of instruction from the word. Worship Underground is a time that people forget about their problems and the cares of this world and just worship and commune with their father. All ages have shown but unfortunately the older generation has been very sparse I think the oldest has been late forties. All races has always been welcomed, the very first one we had we was multi was beautiful.
Yes we normally plan them in advance so people can make time, but the first few I was involved kind of happened out of just beginning to praise and the next thing we knew God showed and we just found ourselves in his presence. It was the search for that atmosphere that sparked my desire back when I lived in Augusta, GA.

A Manuel sounds like a great ideal. It would take some time though. Maybe it is time. Thanks Joe


Eva said...

Except it seems to be the whole point of WU is there is no manual. It's spirit led. If someone wants to read a passage of Scripture on their heart, they can. If they want to pray, they can. If they want to kneal, they can. It goes as long as you want. Simply worshipping and following the Holy Spirit. How do you write a manual for that?

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Anonymous said...

You don't want to know, son.

Joe said...

I would LOVE to see a manuel on this. I believe it is something that could be used effectively in many areas to reach people for worship who might not be comfortable in a more structured environment.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to receibing the first publication.

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Tony Myles said...

Sounds like such a cool format... hope the living worship throughtout the week leads to a great expression in music.