Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Grand ole' Duke of York

This gets a little personal I hope this does not make you nervous, or God forbid hurt your opinion of me! LOL

One of the hardest things for me to do is to get up after I fall. Generally I am pretty good at anything that I do but, when I fall I fall hard. I know plenty of people like me. It's kind of like "When your up your up and when your down your down but when your only half way up your neither up or down". This describes a lot of people, usually us people that have a more creative or artsie side to our personality. We have to work hard at being balanced. I don't take getting crushed well (who does?) I have to work hard at getting up if people saw me fall. When I get embraced it turns me into a monster, and I react harshly.

When this happens to me I must try to do the thing that is Christlike. Just cowboy up instead of laying there and bleeding. My pride or ego is the thing that always hurts the most when things like this happen. God has his way of teaching us. I pray to learn what I have to soon so I can get on to the next chapter in my textbook and ultimately my next lesson. KLB

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