Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Easy Podcasting

Apple just released iTunes 4.9 yesterday. This version is updated to support Podcasting. Already tried the podcasting and Apple makes it very easy to import a feed . They have always been the masters of drag and drop. Just get the URL feed for the podcast you want to subscribe to and drag it to your podcast playlist... that easy. They did it once again, Mac simplicity.

Here are some feeds about the Emergent Church I have tried so far.

Something I just discovered was a link to a list of different blogs dealing with all things emerging.

I will state as a disclaimer I do not necessarily agree or disagree with any or all of these authors. Peace out...Kris


Anonymous said...


steve said...

Hey bro. Just checking your site out. Im a worship leader in Portland and a Christian musician. I always like reading other Christian blogs. Take care and God Bless


canobbs said...

Hey Kris, this Steve guy that left a comment is alright. He is who I was telling you about a few days ago. He has a great blog. Hey Steve! Kris is the worship pastor at our church. Its a small world here on Blogspot...

steve said...

I got the "OK" from Chris! Saweeet! ;-)

Look forward to reading more from you guys. I am getting reading to go to Russia in 10 days and I am needing prayers!

Keep doing God's work. Good stuff!