Saturday, November 19, 2005

Headin Home

Today I will cross the Kentucky line hang a right just off of I75 at exit 38. The leaves are almost all gone but that ok. The mountains still hung me every time I drive through Daniel Boone national Forest. There is truly no place like home.

Everybody smiles and although we have gotten so big we don't know everybody anymore we still give a friendly wave.(Hazard does have the biggest version of a super Walmart, an Applebee's,a Lowes and anything else you would want) The south, just the way it is. Although most people make fun of the south...Rednecks and so on...most would love to just slow down and enjoy life. People go on vacation to try and create what we have everyday.

But at the same time I am jacked in, scanning pictures, watching videos, listening to music and blogging all at the same time while we are getting packed to travel 6 hours.

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Joe said...

Well, my Pappy was from Atlanta, and Mother is from Macon. Though born in Miami, I migrated north to the South early on.

I like the south and that big old glass of Iced tea that follow me everywhere.