Saturday, November 12, 2005

A little Extra Time

I am listening to a sermon by my uncle. I love to hear him preach. He knows the word of God. He always speaks to into my life, and challenges me.
One day I may post one!!

I have also created a new gmail ( account just for fun. I may or may not use it I am still debating. I hate to update my address book so I probably wont make you update yours.

I am excited about giving my baby Josiah back to the Lord (formally) tomorrow. We are all here my brother came down and dad we are all going over Lynde's grannies house and spending some quality time tonight. It will end up with music I fun fun

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~m said...

hey captain,
miss you. I hope all is well over there. i'm doing fairly well I think. depends on who you ask of course ;) p.s. my new gmail is iheartheroes ~ at ~ ala
So you should probably send an e-mail on over so we can catch up. Also, you should subscribe to my podcast :) it's on my blog. hope the three of you are doing well, take care!
w/ love,