Saturday, November 05, 2005

It has been a while

I am listening to one of the most intimate songs I have heard for a long time. I will have it for download (in the title) for a short time. Let me know what you think. Props to trina for the find of such a fine tune.

I am posting a pic we took back in the day in "Power Church" This was the name of my first youth group. This girl was the first girl that came into the teen group from the junior high group. I remember the night she gave her heart to the lord. That moment changed both of our lives... that was a Wednesday night in y2k. She started college this fall, time sure flies. It is the Hannah's that makes everything worth it.

Things are ok in Gulfport MS. I miss my kid and my wife. I hope God opens up the door for me to lead worship again.....soon. Kris


Umm Bye said...

Well props to Nobbs for tipping me onto it. I had the CD with the song, but never listened to it (cuz Revelation Song got more play).

The harmony rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen bro. Seeing people lives changed thru the power of Christ in their lives. That makes every late night, every tear and sweat drops, every prayer worth it. You never stop caring about those in your youth group even when they start college or get married or move away. God bless you, bro and see you in a little more than a month.

Love in Christ