Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Boss

My new job is very fast!!! We serve fast food, the good for you kind. Clean friendly fast courteous are just a few adjective to describe us. My boss is a great Christian and a great leader. He is a great businessman, with influence in the city and his church. He is an elder at his church, he and I had a great conversation today and I want to have him as a mentor (he does not know it yet!!). He took a store (his second one in 18 years) from 276th in the state to number 4 in the state in sales. That only happens with great leadership and a blessing from God. He is a member of the Christian businessmen association and gives back tons to the community. I am pursing Chick-fil-A as a career, I have prayed about it and I feel God is giving me a way and putting people in my life so I can make a difference for the kingdom of God.

This will not set right with a lot of religious people (yes I am talking to you...pharicee(sp?), is that your face turning red?) I think one of the best ways to impact people that are not a Christian is.... yes that right you guessed it....spend time with them!!! What do we have for them Charlie!!!! Please excuse my sarcasm but I have been around long enough to know when you do something different you will not be understood by people. I have dreams... big ones, and Chick-Fil- A is one of them.. and will help me to achieve the rest of them.

This is my tent making job right now and may be for a while to come (I hope). Pray for me, I want to be the best at my job right now it is learning to make all the food. Next it will be dealing with the people, and then all the business and then the process of going through the necessary interviews to OWN MY OWN RESTAURANT. My boss is one of the best in the country (currently number 15) and he and I have found a great common ground....People. You see... Having a good restaurant is not so much about hot fresh food served fast and just the way they ordered it for a great it is about people!!!! And I love people.

Well I have taken up enough of your time. What are you doing tomorrow? When the day is done are you going to feel like you did something worth while? I hope you do. When you look at things like that, it will change the way you make a chicken sandwich. Kris


canobbs said...

Gitt'er done Penske! Sounds cool man. Sometime we will come visit YOUR restraurant! It's about the people!

Eva said...

We've havin' Worship Underground tomorrow! Sure wish you could be here. Best of luck and blessings in your new endeavors and you will be in my prayers - along with your beautiful wife and precious little Joe, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Lazy River BBQ and I haven't met yet...that bites. BTW who do you think has the best sweet tea? Chick-fil-a, Waffle House or Bilbos? I'm thinking Chick-fil-a.