Thursday, August 25, 2005

Origin of "Underground"

Joe asked me to explain the underground thing and I think that is a great ideal. Well about 4 years ago God gave me an ideal to have a organic grass roots kind of worship time in a "non churchee" way. My first ideal was to do it on a fri night at the church I was the worship leader at then. I talked to my pastor about it and he loved it.... But, he did not really get what I meant, he was not on the level I was. I do not say level because my level was higher or better but just a different level.
He wanted to have it but he wanted to call it "Friday night Fire" well I managed to hold down my vomit and get out of not doing it at all. That was my Joseph moment and basically he did not understand my dream. Well anyway I then knew I needed a that was worthy of my ideal (or God's ideal).

I thought about it and my reflection brought me to a time when I was a pastor of the uths! I had an incredible "lock in" it was where I took all there Bibles and got the police to come and tell them that there had been a change of law from the state of GA stating that there was to be no more church. It worked!! These kids hit their knees. I told them we may have to go back to the days of the early Christians. This was where I got the ideal Underground. The first worshipers (when the church grew very fast and was the most healthy) had to worship in what was called catacombs. These were underground Roman tombs. This was not something that was showey, or looked anything like the polished performances that we have today called "church". This was very organic and real.. grassroots. This is one of the things responsible for the gospel spreading so fast. When I was looking for a name for my "event of a different color", I felt like God lead me to this name "Worship Underground". It was not until I got to Yakima WA that I was able to implement that event and that name.

This is where Worship Underground came from and I hope it continues to grow not because I started it, but because "HE" started it long ago and for what it really is... worship at the spring... the source... where we drink from. Just plain worship. Pastor Kris


Umm Bye said... and real.

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Joe said...

Sounds great! What goes on in Worship Underground?

Do you sing praises to God? Do you give testimonies? Do you encourage giving an offering to God as an act of worship? Do you tell them about Jesus? Do people have an opportunity to sing solos, or in groups? Are there any who play instruments? Do they get a chance to share prayer needs?

Do you send missionaries out to other countries to tell them about Jesus and to meet their physical needs as well?

Do guest speakers come and share spiritual truth with them?

Who is welcome in the Worship Underground? Are there people of all ages there? Are there people of different races?

If an attender of Worship Underground has a life-need, how do you try to meet that need?

Does the Holy Spirit lead you to plan your meetings in advance?

It sounds like a grand idea. I would really like to know some particulars. We might try it here.

Is there a manual we could follow?