Tuesday, August 02, 2005


That was my code to the church security system. I will miss that place I already do. There was a old song by a group called Degarmo & Key I can't remember the title but here are the words...

Seasons change days go by
People come and people go
Though our paths lead us apart
They will meet one day I know
For I owe you so much dear friend
For all those treasured times
For you've made me a richer man
Having had you in my life...

I sang this at my high school graduation.

I sing it now in my head while I drive. I hold back the tears (cuz im in the breakfast foyer at the Ameri-Suites) while I type this. I can't express the love that I have. Gary,Eva,Rob,Chris,Selena,Lynn,Matt,Eric&Gina,Dole&Christie,all my baristas at Starbux,and everyone else that helped us and prayed for us and labored with us......I LOVE YOU!!!!

I only wish I could have done more or better. Because time spent for God is not time wasted, even at the most simple of task or the tedious of ventures. Lynde and Josiah say hi. God bless you and yours.

We are in Boise this morn. I will post pictures of why we only got that far in another post. Brake problems 15 miles out of Yakima...tire on fire....you know normal cross country stuff. We started out 5 hours behind.

Love, Kris


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eva said...

What's with everyone making me cry at work lately?! Maybe I need to quit reading blogs at work, eh? Kris - you and Lynde and Josiah are permanently in my heart and I will always treasure the time we did have together and look forward to sharing in our new adventures via e-mail or whatever. And who knows - we're not dead yet - we may live close again sometime in our lifetime. In any case, we are all working towards the same goal - a life of worship and service to our Lord. You help cover the south. We'll work on the tree huggers. :)

Kris Barger said...

Thanks Trina!!!! lol

CaS said...

I heard you made a friend with the lady at the coffee shop in Granger :)

*falls over laughing*

Joe said...

Brake problems...fire...normal.


I think I'll stay where I am.

Eva said...

Don't leave us hanging! Where you at now????

diakim Online said...

Parting from long-time friends can be difficult most times. The joy of it is having done your best in every circumstances. I wish you and your family the Best of God in Christ in all your future endeavours.